teks lagu All as well Well - Taylor Swift dan terjemahan. Versi 10 menit dari album Red (Taylor"s Version) karena Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Lantas lagu All too Well versi 10 menit ini menambahkan beberapa penggalan teks baru apa berbeda dari versi aslinya. Berikut adalah lirik lagu All as well Well - Taylor Swift versi 10 menit. Bagian yang ditebalkan merupakan lirik barunya. Yuk simak!

I walked through the door v youThe air was coldBut something around it feeling like residence somehowAnd i left mine scarf over there at her sister’s houseAnd did you do it still got it in your drawer even nowOh her sweet disposition, and my vast eyed gazeWe’re to sing in the car getting shed upstateAutumn leaves falling down like pieces into placeAnd i can photo it after every these daysAnd I recognize it’s long gone and also that magic’s not di sini no moreAnd I might be OK yet I’m no fine at all

"Cause there we space again top top thatLittle kota streetYou nearly ran the red"Cause you menjadi looking end at meWind in mine hair, i was thereI remember the all also well

Photo album ~ above the counterYour cheeks menjadi turning redYou digunakan to it is in a little kid v glassesin a twin-sized bedAnd her mother’s informing stories "bout you onthe tee nol teamYou taught me "bout your pastThinkin" your masa depan was me

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And you dulu tossing me the auto keys‘F--- the patriarchy’ keychain top top the groundWe were always omitted townAnd ns was thinking on the drive downAny time now, he is gonna speak it’s loveYou tidak pernah called it maafkan saya it was

"til we dulu dead and gone and also buriedCheck the pulse and come backSwearing that the same, after 3 months in the graveAnd kemudian you wondered whereby it walk toAs I got to for you butAll i felt to be shameAnd you telah terorganisir my lifeless frame

And I recognize it’s lengthy gone andThere to be nothing else I mungkin doAnd ns forget around you lengthy enoughTo forget why I required to

"Cause there we room again in the tengah of the nightWe’re dancin" round the kitchen in the frozen refrigerator lightDown the stairs, i was thereI remember that all also well

And over there we room againWhen nobody had actually to knowYou maintained me like a secretBut I preserved you favor an oathSacred prayer and also we’d swearto remember it all as well well

Well probably we gained lost in translationMaybe i asked for too muchBut possibly this thing was a masterpieceTill you tore it all upRunning scared, ns was thereI remember it all also well

And you panggilan me increase againJust to break me prefer a promiseSo casually devilish in the surname of being honestI’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here"Cause i remember it all, all, all

They say all’s well that ends wellBut ns in a brand-new hell every timeYou double-cross my mindYou claimed if we had been closer in ageMaybe it would have actually been fineAnd the made me desire to die

The idea you had actually of meWho was she?A never-needy, ever lovely jewelWhose shine reflects ~ above youNot weeping in a party bathroomSome actress questioning me maafkan saya happenedYouThat’s what happened: You.

You, that charmed mine dad through self-effacing jokesSipping coffee choose you were on a late night showBut kemudian he watched me clock the former doorall night, ready you come comeAnd he said, ‘Is claimed to it is in fun… turning 21’

Time i will not ~ flyIt’s choose I’m paralyzed through itI’d favor to it is in my old diri sendiri againBut ns still make the efforts to discover itAfter plaid shirts daysAnd nights once you make me her ownNow girlfriend mail bagian belakang my thingsAnd I walk home aloneBut you keep my old scarfFrom the very very first week"Cause the reminds girlfriend of innocence, and also it smells prefer meYou can’t remove it"Cause friend remember the all also well

"Cause over there we room again whenI loved you soBack sebelum you shed the one actual thingYou’ve ever before knownIt was rare, i was thereI remember that all also wellWind in mine hair, you dulu thereYou remember it allDown the stairs, you dulu thereYou remember the allIt was rare, ns was thereI remember that all also well

And i was tidak pernah good at informing jokesBut the punchline goes:‘I’ll gain older, yet your lovers continue to be my age’From as soon as your Brooklyn broke my skin and also bonesI’m a soldier who’s returning fifty percent her weightAnd did the twin flame bruise repaint you blue?Just in between us, did the love affair maim you too?"Cause in this city’s barren coldI still remember the very first fall that snowAnd how it glistened as it fellI remember it all too well

Just between us did the love affair maim youAll also wellJust between us, perform you psychic itAll as well wellJust between us, ns remember that all as well well

Wind in mine hairI was there, ns was thereDown the stairs, i was thereI to be thereSacred prayerI to be there, i was thereIt was rare, you remember itAll as well well