Big bad Wolf, the biggest publication sale in Indonesia, for a short time held its revenue in Bandung. It opens non-stop indigenous June 28 till July 8, 2019. 

The to meet is terawat at Mason pine tree Hotel in kota Baru Parahyangan, close to Bandung. The GPS works with are 6°51"50.0"S 107°28"48.0"E (-6.863889, 107.480003).

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Would it precious a visit? Let"s examine it out :)

A Visit to large Bad Wolf book Sale in Bandung

Having visited huge Bad wolf Jakarta, ns can"t tolong comparing them. Many things room very similar but over there are differences too.

First that all, this occasion is totally free for public, i.e. The organizer doesn"t charge any type of entrance fee. So, the feels favor entering a huge book keep :) 



As usual, the majority of the publications sold are bahasa inggris books. But unlike the very first two of large Bad Wolf, currently they juga offer books in bahasa Indonesia.

There are variasi kinds the books, indigenous self help to kids books, history, reference, graphics novels, cookery, photography, architecture and designs. So, castle cover both fiction and non-fiction. However, what I notification is the over the years young youngsters books kemudian as papan books, kerja books, sticker books and also simple cerita books conquered the children books section.

In order to make it simpler for united state to find publications we like, every table has actually its own category. Then books are piled high on this tables. Usually, the books are nicely piled, each heap for one title and on height of the heap is the sample book, i m sorry is totally free for united state to browse. But di sini in big Bad wolf Bandung the publication piles on part tables space messy. It is challenging to hanya browse the publications by looking in ~ the piles.

When we very first enter the venue, the room is much smaller than apa we tangan kedua to be in ICE, BSD. There space not much fiction publications in this room, yet all bahasa Indonesia books are here. 

If friend don"t find apa you are trying to find here, hanya move on come the lanjut room. The map doesn"t present it properly and also the signs are only mentioning exit and also cashiers. You will certainly pass a corridor kemudian you will see more books ~ above the tables here. 

This section is overcame by fiction books, from young adults to secret thriller. There room tables for children books too.

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However, the kasar space digunakan in Mason jaw Hotel is still lot smaller than ICE, BSD. Hence, the titles offline are not as countless as the one in Jakarta. They also store the unpack books on the lawn!



Finally, be prepared to queue for paying the books. Sejak Big bad Wolf opens 24 hours, you can want come find best time for her visit, i.e. The very least customers so the is comfortable to uncover the books you like and short come no queue when paying. However, please think about your security too. Because that example, as soon as I visited huge Bad wolf Bandung top top Friday afternoon, the hotel parking lot was full, so I had to park on the street. Would you be comfortable to leave the auto there at midnight and berjalan to the venue?

Big negative Wolf Bandung juga provides a foodcourt. However, that is located on the front yard of the hotel. So, you have to exit the meet first, i.e. Menyelesaikan the publications payment, sebelum you can untuk mengambil a break.

Despite every one of these shorfalls (compared with huge Bad wolf Jakarta), I believe a visit to big Bad wolf Bandung is still precious it, particularly when girlfriend are looking for affordable bahasa inggris books.