FRP Bypass Sony Xperia apk 7.0 method is for all sony xperia app android 7.0 & android 7.1 devices, only you need Wi-Fi access in your device and also we just have to download 2 small kích thước frp applications in our Sony Xperia device to lớn bypass google account, each và everything has been described below in very simple steps, just follow và get rid of frp lock now, This method is still working in 2021 as well.

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This method is successfully applied on:

⇒ Sony Xperia XA1 (G3461), android 7.0

⇒ Sony Xperia XZ Premium (G8142), android 7.1.1

You can try this method with your any Sony Xperia device.

Let’s Start lớn FRP Bypass Sony Xperia apk 7.0:

• Tap on “Get Started”, then “Accept”, & after that “Skip”. • Now tap on “Setup as new”. • Connect “Wi-Fi” khổng lồ your Xperia device khổng lồ finish FRP Bypass Sony Xperia app android 7.0.


• Once “Wi-Fi” connected, tap on “Back Key” until you reach at “Welcome” Screen.

Let’s Enable “Talkback” to mở cửa “Chrome Browser”:

• Tap on “Visual Aids” from welcome screen. • Now tap on “talkback”, & then turn on “Talkback” from vị trí cao nhất right corner.


• On “Talkback Tutorial” screen, “Swipe Down khổng lồ Right” with your finger khổng lồ go lớn “Global Context Menu”. • Double Tap on “Talkback Settings”. • Now again “Swipe Down to lớn Right” from talkback settings screen.


Suspend Talkback Option for FRP Bypass Sony Xperia apk 7.0:

• Double Tap on “Pause Feedback”. • Now Double Tap on “OK”, khổng lồ suspend talkback. • Tap on “Help và feedback” from talkback settings.


• Now tap on “Search icon” from vị trí cao nhất right corner. • Type there “Voice”, after that tap on “Voice” from result. • Tap on “Get started with Voice Access”.

mở cửa Youtube for FRP Bypass Sony Xperia game android 7.0:

• Tap on “Play icon” to lớn play video. • After that tap on “Arrow” to chia sẻ the video. • Now tap on ” 3 Dots”.


• Drag “Youtube Video” lớn down. • Tap on “3 dots” from đứng top right corner. • Now tap on “Settings”.


• Tap on “About, và after that “Google Privacy Policy”.


download APK Files for Sony Xperia Bypass FRP:

• Tap on “Accept & Continue”, & turn off “Data Service is on” option, & then tap on “NEXT”. • Now tap on “NO THANKS”. • Type in google search bar “Bypass FRP Applications & files“. • Tap on most relevant tìm kiếm result as shown in below image.


• tải về “Quick Shortcut Maker“. • download “Apex Launcher“. • Once Downloading Finish, you will have a popup bottom of your screen, just tap on “OPEN” from there.


Note: If you are unable khổng lồ bypass frp, you can try our Latest 2019 Sony FRP Method, that works perfect on All Sony Xperia devices E5 F3311,XA Ultra, X, XZ, Z3, Z5, Z5 Ultra,L1.

Install APEX LAUNCHER & xuất hiện Download Folder:

• Tap on “Apex Launcher”, then “Install”, and after that “Open”.


• Tap on “MENU” to got your Xperia menu. • After that tap on “Download”. • Now tap on “Quick Shortcut Maker” lớn install it.


Install Quick Shortcut Maker in Xperia Device:

• Tap on “Install”, then tap on “Open”.


Go khổng lồ “CORE SETTINGS” to enable ADB option:

• Type in search bar “Core Settings”, tap on “Core Settings” khổng lồ expand it. • Now tap on “Core Settings”, after that tap on “TRY”, then disable “Enable non-secure ADB”. • Tap on “Restart Later” from popup message.


• Now again tap on đứng đầu right corner box khổng lồ enable “Enable non-secure ADB”. • Tap on “Restart Now”.


• After Restarting Xperia device, you will have “Talkback Suspended” popup there, tap on “EXIT”. • Now “Swipe Down to Right” to lớn go khổng lồ “Global Context Menu”. • Double tap on “Pause feedback”, then double tap on “OK”.

Xem thêm:


• From welcome screen, tap on “Get Started”, then “Accept”, & after that “SKIP”, and then “Setup as new”. • Now you will have “Verify Your trương mục Screen”. • Connect Your Device via Micro USB Cable khổng lồ your “Desktop or Laptop”.

Note: After connecting xperia to lớn desktop, you’ll receive a popup screen in “XPERIA DEVICE”, just tap on “Install”, & then tap on “Transfer File”.

Download ADB FRP Bypass tệp tin in Desktop / Laptop:

• mở cửa google chrome, type there “Bypass FRP Tools“, and xuất hiện most relevant search result. • download from there “ADB FRP Bypass” file in your computer.


• Turn off “ANTIVIRUS” Software, because you wont be able khổng lồ run “RUN.EXE” if antivirus is active.

• Extract “ADB FRP Bypass” from winrar archive, & then right click on “RUN.EXE”, and run as administrator.

• Once you got the message of “Press any key lớn continue..” in adb frp bypass screen, then press any key from your keyboard, và wait 1-2 minutes.


• Remove “Micro USB Cable” from your Xperia Device.

• Keep tapping on “Back Key” until you get the option “Select a trang chủ app”, from there tap on “Xperia Home” to lớn launch your xperia device.

Congrats you have done FRP Bypass Sony Xperia app android 7.0.

Let’s địa chỉ cửa hàng New Gmail tài khoản to FRP Bypass Sony Xperia app android 7.0:

• Tap on “Apps”, then go to “Settings”, and then tap on “Accounts và Sync”.

• Tap on “Add Account”, and add your new gmail account there.

Thanks for visiting us, if you are facing any issue while bypassing frp lock, feel free to ask us in comment box.


⇒ Connect Wi-Fi, tap on Visual aids > Talkback > Turn on.

⇒ Swipe Down to Right on “Talkback Tutorial”, double tap on “Talkback Settings”, Swipe Down khổng lồ Right on “Talkback Settings”

⇒ Double tap “Pause feedback” > OK > Help và Feedback > Type Voice > Voice > Get Started with voice access

⇒ xuất hiện Youtube, Go khổng lồ Youtube Settings, then xuất hiện Google Chrome.

⇒ search “Bypass FRP Applications & files”, download “Quick Shortcut Maker” & “Apex Launcher”.

⇒ Install “Apex Launcher”, open download folder, “Install Quick Shortcut Maker”.

⇒ xuất hiện “Core Settings”, disable “ADB” then again enable “ADB” and restart device.

⇒ Suspend “Talkback”, tải về ADB FRP Bypass in your Computer, then connect device khổng lồ computer via USB Cable.

⇒ Run.exe file from adb frp bypass folder, then remove USB Cable, and keep tapping on “Back KEY” from Xperia device.