Learn how to make tape Kuwut Bali (Balinese coconut and also melon punch) for family"s iftar opened drink through this step-by-step recipe!

esuba.net.com -There is an abundance of recipes for timeless drinks of every kinds, from warmth wedang come booze moke indigenous Java and also Flores pulau respectively. There are tambahan traditional fruity, dry vibe memukul whose freshness deserve to quench thirst in any type of seconds.

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Beyond stunning beaches and magical temples, Bali has juga a plethora of timeless drinks the cater everyone in any mood and also season. Tape Luwuh, timeless fruit memukul from the island, employs eco-friendly coconut and also melon as the key ingredients.

You have the right to expect exactly how nutritious and refreshing this drink is from both ingredients alone. Behold, this fruit punch tambahan mixes sweet and also sourness from herbal palm sugar and also lime. Apa drink bisa give girlfriend this much?

Prep time:25 Menit

Yields:5 Porsi


3 environment-friendly coconuts, scraped the flesh out and keep the water 200 grams melon, diced and discard the seeds 1 tbsp chia seed rendam wait 4 limes, juiced 500 grams ice cubes

For syrup 250 grams sugar 3 pandanus pipeline 200 ml water

food preparation Steps

1. Ar all syrup ingredients in pot and bring them to cook over low flame. When boiled, eliminate from the post kemudian let it chill in room temperature.

2. Prepare lima pints, distribute environment-friendly coconut flesh, melon, and chia seed equally into each the it. Bagikan syrup, lime juice, and ice cubes to every pint.

3. Offer Es Kuwut Bali (Balinese coconut and melon punch) together iftar opened mocktail.

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