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Cha Tae-hyun ( 차태현) is a South korean actor, singer, TV personality, radio DJ, and also director di bawah Blossom Entertainment. That is ideal known because that his lead functions in “My Sassy Girl” (2001) and also “The Producers” (2015).

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Cha Tae-hyun Facts:– to be born in Dangjin, south Chungcheong Province, south Korea.– studied at Seoul institute of the Arts, Kyonggi University and also Chung-Ang University.– Family consists of father (Cha Jae-wan), mommy (Choi Su-min), and also Brother (Cha Ji-hyeon).– His father to be an assistant manager for spesial effects in ~ KBS, his mommy is a retirement voice-over artist and also his brother is a film Producer.– Married his an initial love and also high institution sweetheart popular music lyricist Choi Suk-eun after date for 13 years in June the 2006.– They have actually three children: a child (Cha Soo-chan), and also two daughters; (Cha Tae-eun and Cha Su-jin).– nearby friends v Uhm Tae-woong, Bae Seong-woo, Kim Jong Kook, Hong Kyung Min and Jang Hyuk.– Co-founded his current firm in march of 2012 through his manager after their contacts with Sidus HQ expired.– began his job in 1995 as a perak medalist in the 1995 KBS Talent Contest.– He appeared in his an initial movie, “Hallelujah“, in 1997.– In 2001, he mawar to fame through the effective romance comedy “My Sassy Girl” alongside Jun Ji-hyun.– was a radio DJ for KBS Cool FM’s FM famous Music native 1999-2000.– released his debut album in 2001 title “Accident“.– indigenous 2003 come 2005 proficient a allude where his fame fell.– organized KBS Cool FM’s “Mr. Radio” native 2007-08 and was awarded best Radio DJ in ~ the 2007 KBS entertain Awards alongside Ahn Jae-wook.– Regained popularity though the film “Scandal Makers” which ended up being the numberi one movie in 2008, ranking among Korea’s best hits of every time attracting 8.2 juta moviegoers.– known as Korea’s Jim Carrey from his power in the 2010 film “Hello Ghost“.– most knowingly known as a regular cast member that the 2nd season of 2 aku & 1 Night from 2012-19.– play his first bersejarah role in “The cool Heist” (2013), i m sorry was created by his brother.– made his pencarian debut with the movie “Hit the Top” in 2017.– In march of 2019, Cha Tae-hyun to be reported to have actually been involved in gambling through exploration of a police investigation during Jung Joon-young’s message messages.– that issued a official statement of apology and also withdrew indigenous his shows.– In 2011, Cha confessed top top the SBS talk show “Healing Camp” that he suffers indigenous a scare disorder.– In 2020, Cha was actors in a new tvN variety show “Hometown Flex” with Lee Seung-gi, which two “Seoul Bumpkins” travel exterior Seoul and experience life by walking on neighborhood tours guided by celebrities from anda hometown.-In 2021, he showed up with Jo In-sung top top “Unexpected Business” as well as appearances ~ above MBN’s “National Bang Bang cook Cook” and MBC’s “Wild Idol“.

Cha Tae-hyun Films:1997 “Hallelujah” -Bad youngster in church(bit part)2001 “My Sassy Girl” -Gyun-woo2002 “Lovers’ Concerto” -Lee Ji-hwan2003 “Crazy very first Love” -Son Tae-il2003 “Happy Ero Christmas” -Sung Byung-ki2004 “Who’s gained the Tape?” -Jap-beom (cameo)2004 “Windstruck” (Man in ~ train station/cameo)2004 “Two Guys” -Kim Hoon2005 “Sad Movie” -Jung Ha-suk2005 “My Girl and I” -Kim Su-ho2007 “Highway Star” -Bong Dal-ho/Bong Pil2008 “Horton Hears a Who!” -Horton the Elephant (Korean dubbed)2008 “BABO” -Seung-ryong2008 “My Mighty Princess” -Pigeon Man(cameo)2008 “Scandal Makers” -Nam Hyun-soo2009 “Maybe (Rabbit and Lizard)” -Yeong-nam(cameo)2009 “Triangle” (cameo)2010 “Hello Ghost” -Kang Sang-man2011 “Sunny” -Poster model of insurance money company(cameo)2011 “Champ” -Seung-ho2012 “Never finishing Story” -Song-Kyung’s friend(cameo)2012 “The grand Heist” -Lee Deok-mu2013 “Steal mine Heart” -Ho-tae’s neighbor(cameo)2014 “Tazza: The hidden Card” -Radio DJ(cameo)2014 “The Con Artists” -New Technician(cameo)2014 “Slow Video” -Yeo Jang-boo2016 “My new Sassy Girl” -Gyun-woo2017 “Because i Love You” -Lee Hyeong2017 “Along v the Gods: The 2 Worlds” -Kim Ja-hong2020 “Puppy” TBA

Cha Tae-hyun Dramas:1995| uncredited role| KBS2 “Our Sunny days of Youth”1996| Jang Jung-moon| KBS2 “Papa”1997| Chan-woo’s friend| KBS2 “First Love”1997 |Park Chan-ki| MBC “Ready Go!”1998| Hwang In-soo| MBC “Shy Lovers”1998 |Dr. Heo Jae-bong| MBC “Sunflower”1999 |Ha Shin-yeop |SBS “Happy Together”1999 |Park Young-jae| MBC “I’m Still love You”1999 |Kang In-ha| MBC “Into the Sunlight”2000| Jang Gi-poong |SBS “Juliet’s Man”2004| Choi Gun-hee| MBC “First Love that a royal Prince”2007 |Yoon Ho-sang| KBS2 “Flowers for My Life”2008| Choi Jin-sang| MBC “General Hospital 2”2011 |Drunkard |MBC “Lights and Shadows” -cameo ep. 22012 |Tae-bong| KBS2 “My Husband gained a Family” -cameo ep. 262012 |Jeon Woo-chi| KBS2 “Jeon Woo-chi”2014 |Adult Young-hoon MBC |”Drama Festival “4teen” -cameo2015| Ra Joon-mo |KBS2 “The Producers”2016| farm servant |KBS2 “Love in the Moonlight” -cameo ep. 12016| Han river con-man| SBS “Legend the the Blue Sea” -cameo ep. 42017| Lee Gwang-jae| KBS2 “Hit the Top” -also director2018 |Cho Suk-moo| KBS2 “Matrimonial Chaos”2020 |Jin Gang-ho| OCN “Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation”2020| Cha Tae-Hyun| tvN “Birthcare Center” -cameo ep. 82021| Yoo Dong-man| KBS2 “Police University

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