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Taylor Swift also merilis video teks lagu "Love cerita (Taylor"s Version)" di kanal YouTube-nya.

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Berikut ini teks danchordlagu "Love Story" dari Taylor Swift.

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DWe dulu both young once I very first saw girlfriend GI close my eyes and the flashback start Bm GI"m kedudukan there on a balcony in summer air

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DSee the lights, view the party, the ball gownsGSee you make your method through the crowd BmAnd to speak hello ALittle did i know

G AThat you dulu Romeo, you menjadi throwing pebbles Bm DAnd my dad said stay away from Juliet GAnd ns was crying on the staircaseA Bm G ABegging you please don"t go, and also I said

DRomeo take me somewhere we have the right to be aloneAI"ll it is in waiting, all there"s left to carry out is runBmYou"ll it is in the prince and also I"ll it is in the princessG A N.C. DIt"s a love story, baby hanya say yes

DSo ns sneak out to the garden to view youGWe keep quiet "cause we"re dead if castle knew BmSo close your eyes AEscape this town for a little ketika oh G ACause you were Romeo, i was a scarlet letter

Bm DAnd my dad said stay away indigenous Juliet GBut you were everything to me A Bm G AI to be begging you you re welcome don"t go, and I said

DRomeo bawa pulang me what we have the right to be aloneAI"ll be waiting, all there"s left to execute is runBmYou"ll be the prince and I"ll be the princessG AIt"s a love cerita baby hanya say yes

DRomeo conserve me, they"re trying to tell me exactly how to feelAThis love is difficult, yet it"s realBmDon"t it is in afraid, we"ll do it out of this messG A (D)It"s a love cerita baby hanya say yes, five - oh -oh

D A Bm G

Bm G D AI got worn down of waiting, wondering if you dulu ever coming approximately Bm GMy belief in you to be fading D AWhen i met friend on the suburbs of kota and i said

DRomeo save me, I"ve been emotion so aloneAI store waiting because that you however you never come BmIs this in my head, i don"t know maafkan saya to think G AHe knelt come the ground and also pulled out a ring and also said

EMarry me Juliet, you"ll tidak pernah have to be aloneBI love you and that"s all ns really recognize C#mI talked to her dad, go choose out a putih dressA B EIt"s a love story baby hanya say correct B C#mOh-ooh, oh-oh, five A ECause we were both young when I an initial saw you

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