Free api keeps on release the progressed servers native time to time. The latest variant i.e. OB29 to be released on fourth August 2021. ~ OB27, This to be the much-waited version by the players. Together the brand-new Free fire server is live now, we are offering you v all the latest updates pertained to its VPN, APK file, Download process, Login & registration process with various other details favor Free api Redeem Codes.

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Free api Advance Server

Before releasing the new update ~ above the worldwide version, Free fire creates an advanced server and releases the new features over there only. This helps the developer to test because that the bugs and user experience. Only and numberi of users acquire the download the advanced server through the activation code. These customers can bermain and discover the bugs to report them bagian belakang to Garena developers. Such users get totally free Diamonds as rewards.

 TopicFF advancement Server
Game NameGarena cost-free Fire
Server NameOB29
Released on4th respectable 2021
Last dateAugust 2021
Activation codeAvailable here
PC versionGet Free fire for PC
Name cardFree api Stylish Names

Free api OB29 advance Server (OB29 Update cost-free Fire)

OB29 version of Free fire is out and also there will certainly be perbedaan features in the game. The vital points around FF OB29 are disputed as:

The advanced server has variasi features which room totally totally free and room not available for everyone. Several of these features are not also released to the public.You will obtain the chance to hunt because that bugs and report them come the Free fire team. This will certainly earn you complimentary diamonds and also other rewards.Online minimal Garena FF development codes are easily accessible so itu terdaftar yourself to acquire the activation codes.Only players who have the activation password for the advancement server will have the ability to use it.The progressed server of Free api can be set up on any Android smartphone. Soon, the iOS variation will be made available.


Free fire Advance Server registration & Login

To get the OB29 apk file, the players will have actually to daftar to the resmi Free api website. The registrations dulu opened on fourth August and also the terakhir date for the registration is in respectable 2021. Berita registrations are closed because that now and Free api Advance server registrations will open after the release of OB29.

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The registration deserve to be done only by itu who have actually the FF advancement Server code. There is no the code, The individuals will not have the ability to make a registration because that the new server. The procedure for FF advancement Server Login & registration are given below.

As the the first step, the user will need to visit the secara resmi website of the Free fire game i.e. friend will check out an choice to log in melihat your on facebook account. Use that link and Login to the Free api advance server download page.


Now you will certainly be request to fill in the details like You penuh name, Your email address, and your phone number.


Once you have entered and also submitted all these details, you will check out an option “Join now”. Click on that link to pre-register you yourself for Free api Advance Server.

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Free fire Advance Server login- get Activation Code

As we discussed that new server will certainly not work without the activation codes. We carry out the activation codes and update them daily on our website. To obtain FF development Server OB29 code, you will have to visit our Free api Redeem Code halaman and get the password from there only. The attach to visit the FF Activation password is given below.

Get her Activation password Now


Free api Advance Server Apk download

You can download Free fire OB29 advancement server penampilan the process given below.Visit the resmi website and log in melihat the on facebook account i beg your pardon they digunakan for the registration.Now friend will view an choice labeled as “Download APK” in your account.


Now before opening the downloaded file, the user must enable the “Install indigenous Unknown Source: choice in milik mereka Android call settings.Now situate the fore and click on the download button.When friend will open up the OB29 Free fire Server, you will certainly be asked for the FF progressed Server activation code.Enter the code and also enjoy the advance server.

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All details and brand-new server updates are provided di sini from time come time. You must examine this halaman frequently to gain the recent updates ~ above the advance servers the the Garena Free api Mobile Game.