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new journey: Miles movies is celebrating the manufacturing house"s 25th anniversary by producing the sequel the its 2000 musical film "Petualangan Sherina" (Sherina"s Adventure). The original cast Sherina Munaf (second right) and Derby Romero (right) will certainly reprise their roles together Sherina and also Sadam. (Courtesy of miles Films/-)

Powerhouse Miles films announced on Friday a plan to produce a sequel come its blockbuster film Petualangan Sherina (Sherina’s Adventure), two decades after that release.

There is no lebih jauh information about the brand-new plot, yet music artist Sherina Munaf and also Derby Romero will reprise their roles as Sherina and Sadam in the sequel, which will hit theaters lanjut year.

“We initially planned to awal shooting in April and santai it by the finish of this year, yet we postponed it because of the pandemic,” stated producer Mira Lesmana in a virtual tekan ke bawah conference.

Director Riri Riza will certainly again kontrol the movie, promising a full-action adventure and a koleksi of appealing lagu and choreographies right for family members entertainment.

Nearly the whole crew of the very first movie is set to return to work on this installment. Turn off screen, Sherina will certainly be associated in story development and ambil charge of music composition, replacing she teacher, the so late Elfa Secoria.

Her elder sister, Virania Munaf, co-scribed the sequel bersama with Jujur Prananto, Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza andis also involved in writing tune lyrics.

The brand-new production celebratesMiles Films’ 25 year in the industry sejak March 1995, started by Mira and also Riri.

It contributed to alters in film manufacturing with docuseries Anak ribu Pulau (Children that the Archipelago) and blockbusters Ada apa Dengan Cinta? (What’s Up through Cinta?), Gie and also Laskar Pelangi(The Rainbow Troops).

The spirit and also passion of Miles movie in exploring new membentuk and styles of filmmaking to give audiences berbeda perspectives are reflected in its new logo, currently with iridescent colors.

The production house hasalso emerged Miles Music, which created the soundtrack albums of Laskar Pelangi and 3 Hari buat Selamanya(Three aku to Forever), as well as Miles Productions for musical theatre production. It created Laskar pelangi the Musical in collaboration with attach Entertainment.

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Long-lasting friendship: "Sherina"s Adventure" will have actually a remake together an computer animation film. The feature-length film will be exit by the end of 2021. (Courtesy of mile Films/-)

The newest division, miles Animation, is right now in manufacturing for an animated version of Petualangan Sherina. The job is memerintah by Jakarta-based thiên Animasi Studio in collaboration with Surabaya’s Hompimpa Animation and Afterlab in Bandung, west Java.

While waiting for the feature-length man film and the sequel the Petualangan Sherina to melepaskan by the end of 2021, the champa Movement of catalyst (JKTMOVEIN) is expected to again stage a musical theater performance of the work, special Yura Yunita, Vidi Aldiano and Reza Chandika. (ste)