Booking bus and travel shuttle tickets is currently as straightforward as shopping virtual from online agent ticket. Find complete information the bus and also travel routes, schedules, boarding points, facilities, and also ticket price in Lifestyle SuperApp.

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Bus Partners

Your favorite Bus Operators

We companion with her favorite bus operators throughout Indonesia to ambil you where you have to be.

Your Favorite spaceship Operators

Whether that for holiday or simply coming house to her family, booking her favorite spaceship tickets is now simpler with us.

Payment Partners

Making her Payment Easy

We companion with trusted banks and mini markets so you can make her payments easily.


Buy bus and shuttle tickets anytime and also anywhere v No much more wasting time going come the terminal or agent office, currently you deserve to buy tickets from the comfort of home.

24-hour customer Service

We provide 24-hour client Service. So, anytime you have a trouble or question, call, chat, or send us a article from your App. We’ll be there, always.

Complete Info

From bus and shuttle schedules, routes, boarding and arrival points, and ticket prices, to anda photos and facilities, girlfriend can discover them all at We provide a complete info to tolong you decide the best bus or spaceship for you.

Easy Payment

Whether you want to pay via bank transfer, credit transaction card, or with cash at her favorite mini markets, we’ve obtained you covered.

Easier Payment v PayLater

PayLater permits you to publication flight tickets at any kind of time and secure your appointments without having actually to pay jenuh immediately. Usage the early stage limit beginning from 10 mio, kemudian pay in 1-12 installments through low interest.

Fill in your pilgrimage details

Start your search by pour it until it is full in your departure location and destination, day of travel, and numberi of seats.

See schedules and prices

See bus/shuttle options, including their routes, schedules, and also ticket prices. Girlfriend can also filter your mencari to find your favorite bus or shuttle operator more easily.

See bus/shuttle details

Tap on among the buses or shuttles to find much more details, such as facilities, route, schedule, price, and also photos. Madness Select to proceed booking.

Fill in passenger details

Fill in your contact and passenger details. Make certain all details space correct. Girlfriend can tambahan select her seats on part buses/shuttles.

Check your booking

Check all her booking details as soon as again. Proceed by tapping Select Payment Method and complete payment within the time limit.

Get your e-ticket

Once payment is confirmed, the e-ticket will certainly be sent out via email or SMS. Friend can juga see her e-ticket via My Booking at the homepage.

Show her e-ticket to board the bus

To papan the bus, hanya show the e-ticket in her phone (as email, SMS, or on perjalanan mobil App) come the bus staff. The bus staff will offer you a paper ticket if required by the operator.

Find complete information regarding Bus and also Travel Requirements, Terminal obtainable for fast Antigen tests, Vaccination, and also many more.

Learn More

Read all the requirements to take trip by bus throughout COVID-19 pandemic in

To ensure the security of passengers as soon as traveling through bus, our Bus & travel operators have actually taken additional preventative procedures which are described in detail on the halaman -information?view = measures. The actions taken incorporate the things below.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are noted on the bus and also at stops.


Disinfection is brought out regularly on buses and also at leave locations.

Reduced Passenger Capacity

Bus passenger capacity has been decreased by 30%.

Medical examination

Checking the health of passengers, drivers, and bus staff room routine before the expedition begins. Individuals showing symptoms of pernapasan tract infections space prohibited from gaining on the bus.

Staff kesehatan Care

Drivers and bus employee wear confront masks because that the entire trip. The counter staff also wears challenge masks.

Use of confront Masks

Passengers who carry out not wear confront masks will be prohibition from obtaining on the bus.

Conditions may adjust at any kind of time follow to PO bus policy

Before submitting a refund or reschedule for her bus order, please examine whether a refund or rescheduling is available for your ticket. Go to Orders, kemudian Open the e-ticket that you desire to refund or reschedule. Discover the Cancellation aturan and Schedule Changing politik at the bottom of the page and read the policy.

If you can refund and reschedule, you deserve to submit a refund or reschedule for your bus bespeak by contacting the relevant bus operator. You can uncover your bus operator's contact details on the e-ticket sent out to your email or ~ above the e-ticket in the App, in the Cancellation policy and Schedule changing Policies.

Please examine your e-ticket on the perjalanan mobil App, email or SMS and also confirm even if it is you have to exchange the e-ticket because that a paper ticket native the PO bus.

If it states that you have to exchange her e-ticket, friend can show your e-ticket come the bus employee at the departure allude and ask him to provide you a paper ticket.If it shows up that your e-ticket is an resmi ticket, simply display the e-ticket to the bus employee at the departure point to papan the bus.

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Please juga show your KTP, sim or student card to the bus staff bersama with her e-ticket.

Note:Please come at the departure allude no later than 60 minutes sebelum departure.The time printed on her ticket is the neighborhood time at each departure point.