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WhatsApp Web enables you to accessibility your WhatsApp account from any kind of computer browser, and also it’s super basic to use. All you need to do is open WhatsApp in a mencari window, scan a QR code through your mobile app, and kemudian you’re in.

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WhatsApp Web have the right to do virtually everything that WhatsApp mobile have the right to do, including downloading and install files. In fact, file membagikan is one of the major reasons that people use WhatsApp Web. It’s simple to method to send and also receive files straight from her PC. This deserve to be very beneficial if you ever before need to use records on a computer rather than a cell phone device.

Occasionally though, WhatsApp net has difficulties downloading files for everything reason. Whether it’s due to network issues, a terbawa malfunction, or something through the pc itself, it deserve to be an extremely frustrating once your WhatsApp media is not downloading and install properly. Over there are number of things that mungkin be causing this and different tricks and töre to settle it.

If WhatsApp is not downloading and install images or other records while penampilan it on her PC, shot these 8 troubleshooting tricks:

1. Reconnect come WhatsApp

If you room trying to download media in WhatsApp Web and also the download doesn’t even initiate or WhatsApp claims the download failed, the first thing you can do is to hanya disconnect native WhatsApp and try reconnecting. The application can it is in buggy indigenous time come time, so this is a quick way to dominion out that problem.

To execute this, girlfriend will click the 3 dots icon top top the left panel, and also from the drop-down menu hit logout.


This will certainly disconnect girlfriend from WhatsApp Web. Just Scan the QR code with your phone as soon as again and also you’ll be reconnected and hopefully able come download her files.


2. Restart your Browser

If girlfriend reconnect to WhatsApp and also media is not downloading still, the melepaskan might be with your browser.

The first alat in even the most advanced the toolkits is the tried and true method of simply turning it off and then kembali on again. That you no able to download records from WhatsApp Web, close your cari and kemudian launch that again. After ~ restarting her browser, if WhatsApp download problems still persist, kemudian move top top to step 3.

3. Restart your PC

Go ahead and also do a full reboot of the computer this time. It might not membantu addressing the WhatsApp download failure, but it’s selalu best to preeminence this action out sebelum moving further bersama in the troubleshooting process. And if it melakukan end up solving it, you’ll save yourself some time for this reason it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

4. Inspect Network Connections

Once your computer is kembali up and also running, head back over come the WhatsApp Web application in your terbawa and shot your media as soon as again. In ~ this point, if that still isn’t working, walk ahead and check your network connections.

Open the control panel.

Choose Network and also Internet.

Click Network and sharing Center.

5. Clear her Cache and Cookies

If your network is working just fine, the issue may be v your browser’s cache.

Your cache is the storage your browser uses to conveniently load website without having actually to wait top top the internet connection to execute so. Essentially, it’s wherein your mencari saves copies of every site you visit so the the lanjut time girlfriend visit them, the cari can pull the site directly from the tough disk. The idea is that it helps optimize net browsing speeds despite a negative internet connection.

Of food clearing your mencari cache might an outcome in slower cari activity for a while, because your cache will should rebuild.

But if her cache is very jenuh it can sometimes avoid webpages from working correctly, likely because it hanya doesn’t fill the data correctly. So it’s crucial to do so, specifically if you encountering problems with details sites not working properly. As soon as you have emptied it, all the sites girlfriend visit will be relearned in the cache.

In Chrome, select the 3 dots directly to the right of the resolve bar.Scroll turun and choose Clear browsing data.
Select Cookies and other website data and Cached images and files.Click Clear data.

This may ambil a few minutes, particularly if you have actually quite of bit of data in your cache.

6. Disable advertisement Blockers

If you’ve cleared your cache and the paper or photo still is not downloading in WhatsApp, walk ahead and shot turning off her adblockers for just that site.

7. Examine the Date and Time on your PC

Something that bisa be messing with your computer and causing WhatsApp download troubles is the date and also time settings. It may seem prefer it wouldn’t have actually anything to do with downloading media on WhatsApp Web, however your computer system relies ~ above time together a structure of referral to regulate all systems, including record systems. So if your time no synchronized properly, the computer system may be unable to download files properly.

To check that the configured correctly:

Open the Control Panel.Choose Clock, Language, and Region.
Click Date and Time.Select the tab because that Internet Time.
Click Change settings.Hit Update now.

Regardless of whatever melepaskan was bring about your WhatsApp download problem, hopefully this troubleshooting tips have aided you deal with it. Gift able to download media in WhatsApp is among its key purposes together an alternative to the mobile apps.

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If you usage it because that business, school, or an individual purposes, that super practically to just open a browser and send files that you have actually saved on her PC. And also when your friend or coworker sends out a file that you want to it is in able to accessibility on her PC, penampilan WhatsApp net to download it directly can conserve you the problem of downloading and install it onto your phone, emailing it to yourself, and then downloading it from her email. Through WhatsApp Web, you don’t have to go through itu extra procedures to download vital media files.