General Information about IU

Who doesn’t recognize IU? The singer the the well-known song “BBIBBI” is one of the paling respected singers in south Korea. The singer, whose actual name is Lee Ji-eun, not only sings top top stage however she juga plays guitar, composes songs, is a televisi host, and also has even diversified her career in the entertainment industri by entering the dunia of acting. IU is frequently labeled together the oriental princess due to the fact that of her exceptional beauty.

People are always getting excited by see her extremely beautiful face. IU even gone into Forbes newspaper in 2012 and also is often ranked numberi 1 on the Korean and even worldwide charts, kemudian as Billboard. Her very sweet suara has even made countless male idols to menjadi her fans, like, for example, BTS’ Jungkook.

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IU dropped in ‘Love at very first Sight’ for Jang Ki-ha


A large number of the southern Korean publik was stunned through the berita about IU’s alleged boyfriend. Of course, everyone would be curious around who the lucky male to acquire this beautiful, sweet-voiced girl is. After ~ everyone’s investigation, the media discovered that IU is actually date Jang Ki-ha. Jang Ki-ha happens to it is in a singer as well. Additionally, he is a songwriter, hosts several televisi shows, and acts in perbedaan shows.

IU and also Jang Ki-ha met in 2013 during a radio show that he to be hosting, and began a relationship hanya shortly after. That wasn’t till October 2015 that anda relationship went publik after Dispatch revealed photos of the two on a date. In October 2015, IU shown the dating news herself v her secara resmi fan cafe:

“Sorry for no letting you recognize sooner. We′ve been dating for near to two years now. We met because that the first time during a radio show, and I fell in love with him at very first sight.”

She continued, “He is a boyfriend I have a lot of to learn from and am yes, really thankful for. We′re in a normal relationship, where we′re fine, we fight, us feel sorry and we feeling thankful. I to be thinking about a much better way in i m sorry I could tell all of you, however someone win me to it. It′s sudden, but I think I′m walk to have to go publik with mine relationship.”

She finish by writing, “I′m sorry and thankful for all of your worries, support, sadness. Ns simulated the case numerous times, however now that I′m challenged with it, i don′t know just how to tell you all. For now, I will certainly be act my job-related energetically.”

IU’s agency confirmed the relationship and also said it’s actually been two years. “After checking through IU, we confirmed that she and Jang Ki-ha both have great feelings towards one another. Starting from 2 years ago, the two began interacting, and they began having good feelings in the direction of each other. The two are currently happily seeing every other.”

IU and also Jang Ki-ha: Love Is In the Air


The fans dulu rather surprised due to the fact that the age gap in between IU and Jang Ki-ha is actually fairly big. However, even though dari mereka age space is around 11 years, Jang Ki-ha has not to be reluctant come disclose his relationship with IU.

During a recent appearance ~ above the MBC radio show Good Morning FM with Noh Hong Chul, Jang Ki-ha spoke briefly around his relationship with songstress IU. 

IU’s boyfriend, Jang Ki-ha, appeared as a guest ~ above the present on June 6th, whereby he was asked by the hold DJ Noh Hong Chul concerning how his partnership was going v IU. In response, Jang Ki-ha said, “There are orang who worry for us, but we space doing well.”

In the MBC FM4U’s radio program Tei’s Dreaming Radio, broadcaster Tei do a pertanyaan that surprised Jang Ki-ha.

When he was asked about maafkan saya he liked around IU, he answered: “Lots. Not enough to cite it in one event, yet I regularly express mine feelings. She is currently filming a drama, and I visit the set to cheer her up. Even though us don’t have sufficient time to go on a day for hari at times, but we space on good terms.”


Not just that, their sweet relationship continued until the neighbors caught up with them regularly going on days quietly. To save the secret of milik mereka relationship, Jang Ki-ha turned out to have actually his own method so that the date agenda is no interrupted. Through the tolong of among his colleagues, Hong Seok-chun who has a restaurant, IU’s boyfriend managed to keep anda dates a secret, “One day, I acquired a call from Jang Ki-ha, that told me the there to be a friend he want to eat with, however they want the event to it is in a exclusive event. (Apparently) IU arrived the day.”

As a guest star on the Heard It with the Grapevine program, Hong Seok-chun told just how Jang Ki-ha and IU’s date went on sebelum the media discovered out about dari mereka relationship. Without skepticism as celebrity and also restaurant owner, Hong Seok-chun also helped both. “We did no let various other customers come to the restaurant that day, so there menjadi only the 2 of them eating together. After that, we juga prepared the tables because that them.”

Why IU and Jang Ki-ha Ended anda Relationship?


Sadly, after being in a relationship for 4 years, IU and also Jang Ki-ha eventually broke up. Both were confirmed to have ended the relationship roughly the end of januari 2017. They had been breaking up and getting kembali together because that a while. The two of lock had already been experiencing a many relationship worries in the ahead months sebelum they finally chose to panggilan it quits because that good.

Jang Ki-ha’s label confirmed, “It’s true that they have broken up. Castle have chose to continue to be in good kondisi as senior-junior.” Loen Entertainment, IU’s agency, tambahan confirmed the breakup v the exact same statement.

One the the reasons regarding why their relationship didn’t regulate to terakhir longer is because of their very busy schedules in regards to anda respective careers. It has actually been proven time and also time again that it is important to spend time through your khususnya someone, together it fosters the connection that you have with every other.

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Many people were sad to see the end of their relationship. However, that would have memikirkan that on numerous occasions, pan have found that Jang Ki-ha likes IU’s photos and even posted kimchi cooking once, which is IU’s favorite food. But if there’s anything great about their breakup, the is the fakta that castle have determined to remain friends. It was claimed that they perform not have ill feelings in the direction of each other even after the breakup.

Hmmm, seems favor they still have actually feelings because that each other, huh? we wish IU and also Jang every the ideal for the future.