Photo that the river throughout the woodland in Mimika, Papua. ANTARA FOTO/M Agung RajasaCorruption is a common enemy that mengandung the entirety world, including in Indonesia. Corruption tindakan who enrich themselves and berbahaya the state certainly cannot be justified. Data native Transparency global in 2018 shows that Indonesia ranking 89 the end of the 180 together the most anti-corruption countries in the world. Among the greatest sources that corruption is in the natural resources sector. This happened due to the method of thinking and also acting on natural resources the are used as commodities, even though natural resources also have natural capital or stock which are necessary by society. This is based upon the book titled Di terbalik Krisis Ekosistem by Hariadi Kartodihardjo.

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According to the Corruption Eradication board of directors (KPK), in the forestry sector from 2003 to 2014, there were 77–81 percent of unreported accident or illegal sourced and cost the state 6.5–9 billion united state dollars. In addition, data native Indonesia Corruption clock (ICW), the numberi of state accident of 27.06 billion us dollars in the mining sector and also state losses native the non-tax sector of the forest area got to 169,791 trillion rupiahs native 2004 to 2007.

The KPK claims that corruption is brought about by the absence of access to information about auctions, and also a non-transparent licensing mechanism. The exact same thing to be revealed by the results of a study from Transparency international (TI) in 2017 in the mining sector. Transparency International tambahan highlighted the absence of transparency in mining permits and also incomplete geological info systems and land surface negara data. In addition, Firdaus Ilyas, Coordinator that the Indonesia Corruption Watch’s budget Monitoring and Analysis division stated the in the forestry ar the lack of open up data in the governance of the forestry industry has raised the potential for loss of nationwide income.

The issue of land data was juga reviewed by Hariadi in his publication published in 2017 as among the roots of the ecosystem crisis problem. The IPB Professor’s research juga mentions the there are problems with floor data in Riau where all districts/cities carry out not have sufficient data and information to recognize conflict-free locations.

Furthermore, the difficulty of land data is important and has a strong relation to corruption practices. This is juga expressed by the Johann Lambsdorff in his publication titled Economics that Corruption and also Reform: Theory, Evidence, and also Policy that info disclosure effectively boundaries the arbitrariness of corruption transactions. In addition, Sandoval-Ballesteros arisen a structure Corruption strategy (SCA) in the prevention of corruption revealing that increasing publik participation, including publik information disclosure, bisa reduce the perbandingan of corruption.

Information disclosure in to reduce the rate of corruption will not walk away if over there is no pressure from the masyarakat itself. That was pointed out today based on his experience facilitating the implementation of corruption avoidance coordinated through the KPK because that the past four years, especially based upon a joint nota of Understanding/National pindah for the Rescue of organic Resources (NKB/GNPSDA).

A long way of the One Map policy (KSP)

When talking around land transparency, the is daunting to not ar a KSP in the circulation of conversation. The KSP can juga be described as a manifestation of soil overlapping problems. The KSP the was introduced on 11 December 2018 in champa is the president’s delight to minimize overlapping land disputes that regularly occur. The beginning of this aturan needs come be appreciated and juga accompanied through the community.

In the KSP guidebook issued by the Geospatial details Agency, only the president and ragum President, Coordinating Minister for economic Affairs, Minister the National perkembangan Planning / Head of the National perkembangan Planning Agency, Head of Geospatial info Agency, Minister or head that institution, Governor, Regent/Mayor the can access it, in other words publik and juga community groups cannot access the map.

On September 2017, the writer has remained in a forum v the Head of the Peat restoration Agency, Nazir Foead, and asked straight how the KSP has actually evolved. In that case, he said that the government was indeed trying fully so that this policy could be mengimplementasikan quickly and in that implementation prioritized the areas of Sumatra and Kalimantan. The is since land conflicts often occur in these areas and also mapping is technical work and not easy.

Secretary-General of the Agrarian reform Consortium (KPA), Dewi Kartika, reminded the the KSP will not settle the masalah of overlapping land property if the masyarakat is not connected in the formulation the the integrated thematic map. Furthermore, she detailed that the government regularly sided with employers when there was a dispute over land ownership.

From the description above, a long way of the KSP will certainly not stop at the launch.. Kasmita Widodo, Head the BRWA, gift a map of indigenous peoples not contained in the KSP released in December 2018. That knew this with the federal government when stating the KSP. The compilation procedure will be discussed after the start of the KSP and also need come synchronize sectoral maps to solve overlapping thematic maps.

Why Is It essential to highlight Indigenous Peoples?

Indigenous warga negara are the paling vulnerable group to acquire discrimination in the organic Resources monitoring sector. In the 2017 annual report, the KPK stated that the end of a bruto of 41.69 juta hectares of woodland land managed, only 1 percent was given to small-scale and indigenous peoples. In addition, indigenous warga negara seem helpless to confront the state which allows the seizure that customary land dibawah the forgive of the national interest. Poll for forest data, in 2018 there menjadi 326 natural source conflicts involving approximately 176 thousand indigenous peoples.

The current investigate journalism launched by the Gecko project titled Secret deal to ruin Paradise is a report that tambahan questions the takeover of the living an are of aboriginal peoples. In the report, the State to be unable to attend to guarantee the living space of the Auyu people in Papua. Indigenous this report, it deserve to be observed that the closed information on land facilitated has a chain the corruption that impacted the Auyu tribe.

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Therefore, the solid relationship between accessibility to details related come land can not only break the chain that corruption but juga could close the pertemuan of crimes of business rakyat who are just targeting wealth. By disclosing details on land, indigenous rakyat who are breakable to differentiate can proactively participate in solving land problems themselves. It certainly can also reduce unresolved disputes due to overlapping land and ensure the welfare the indigenous rakyat in the future.