Lee Jong Suk is among the biggest and paling popular actors in Korea. He started as a version in 2005, at the lembut age the 15, and retains the judul of the youngest male model of Seoul"s Seoul program at Seoul"s Fashion Week. Born in 1989, Lee Jong Suk carry out seamlessly together a design actor and is the protagonist of many popular southern Korean television screenwriters.

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Lee Jong Suk is recently on the subject. Many setiap orang talk about him, that played an important role in Pinocchio, close to Shin Hye Park. Lee Jong Suk has a nice appearance. And many women claimed it looked for this reason sweet and an ideal kind for Shin Hye Park.

Behind her beautiful, we noticed the Lee Jong Suk has actually been activate so far. By comparing the an initial and ~ the image, bisa you find something exciting on his face? have actually you found? The 25-year-old actor looked with a nose task (rhinoplasty)
Like numerous celebrities, who appearance has changed over the years, Lee Jong Suk has asked rakyat if he did some work.
The reason we asking in the end, this pertanyaan is why we can see native the photos end the years that their faces change. The big pertanyaan is even if it is the changes due come natural occasions or due to the fact that they had actually little tolong from a plastic surgeon.
When Lee Jong Suk began his career as young as that; 15, the transforms we view in the challenge can no come from the operation, yet it taken place when that went v puberty.
Another aspect that mungkin affect she appearance is her diet when she made decision a healthier lifestyle, that may have actually weight shed from she face and nose the illustration of the surgical actions when it to be actually just a ns of Fat,
Looking at the 2 images above it seems that the readjust on the nose seemed clear. As soon as you check out the pictures, you deserve to see the his old nose has a besar shape, sleep glasses appear in the second image above the fart one far farther. It also has a bulbous tip. After ~ nose occupational the nose in a slimmer nose v a pedas tip has actually been transformed.
Plastic surgical treatment in south Korea is common. In fact, the is the southern Asian bangsa with the most plastic surgical procedure procedures lugged out per capita, every year. The is juga attracting a most clients from overseas. Recently the negara started offering 10% taxation breaks for itu travelling native elsewhere. The reason that south Korea is so popular as a location to have plastic surgical procedure is because it is one of the cheapest places in Asia to have it done. It is much less expensive to undergo plastic surgical procedure in southern Korea than it is Japan or Singapore.
Another reason that southern Korea is therefore popular, is the high standard of the procedures it carries out. Just the height 1% that graduate from medical school are enabled to ini adalah plastic surgeons.
Among the oriental plastic surgical procedure cases, sleep job might be one of the most popular procedure that numerous celebrities get. Some various other male actors that are stated to have had nose job are Lee min Ho, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Hyun Joong, and also etc.
Talking around the readjust on Lee Jong Suk’s nose. That was in reality done very well. The nose looked far better now.
South Korea is a vain nation, specifically the resources city; Seoul. The is watched as kesatuan for people to compete against each other for jobs and for ranking in ~ society. One of the points that orang get ranked ~ above is dari mereka attractiveness.
In south Korea the is common practice for rakyat to incorporate a picture with anda resume, meaning that they space expecting dari mereka potential ceo to not only judge their work background but juga their looks.
As this is the society that Lee Jong Suk belongs to, it would make sense that his looks would be necessary to him, particularly as he is one actor and also a model.lee-jong-suk-nose-job
A recent survey the 414 of southern Korea’s women experienced them pointing out plastic surgery on men. Here are few of the study’s findings;
If Jong Suk has made decision to go dibawah the knife and also have his nose altered, he would absolutely not it is in alone.
Considering plastic surgery is so well-known in south Korea is melakukan not come together a surprise that other famous celebrities have had work done. Lee Min Ho, Lee Si Young, Kim Hyun Joong and also Park Shin Hye have actually undergone cosmetic surgical procedure to improve their look. And Lee Jong Suk’s closest friend Kim Woo Bin is tambahan rumoured to have had his nose altered by a plastic surgeon.
In southern Korea looking young and also fresh is important. Many high college graduates are given plastic surgical treatment as a graduation gift as soon as they room 18.
This leader to rakyat expecting to check out others looking young and also fresh, i beg your pardon is why so many rakyat on television in Korea feeling the press to experience surgical procedures.
This appears to it is in why so many young and already attractive and successful actors and also actresses choose to have plastic surgery. If they space not seen as a reflection of the young and fresh southern Korea, then the possibilities are they will certainly be pass over for the duty and it will certainly go to someone who is willing to look at the best way.
The two actors and also models have actually known each other for a long time; dating as far bagian belakang as as soon as they dulu both models.
When they showed up on the struggle drama Schools bersama in 2013 they came to be close and now take into consideration each other milik mereka best friend.
Lee Jong Suk even proclaimed that Kim Woo Bin is the ‘only friend the he deserve to depend on once he has actually something he’s worried about’.
However, the media has displayed the 2 friends as rivals in the previous due to dari mereka being taken into consideration for the same roles and modelling contracts.
This is all far-ranging to the pertanyaan of even if it is Lee Jong Suk has had actually plastic surgery because it has juga been reported the Kim Woo Bin has had plastic surgical treatment on his nose.
Therefore, we may want to ask the pertanyaan whether Lee Jong Suk would be more inclined to get his nose transformed if his girlfriend has had actually it done.
It would absolutely seem much more likely that he would obtain plastic surgical procedure if the two room rivals, together there would be a certain kadarnya of competition over there to look far better than the various other guy.
As we have seen before; plenty of other high-profile actors and also actresses have done the job. Over there is jernih a many talent in south Korea and there is only a restricted amount of televisi and movie roles. Lee Jong Suk would certainly feel a lot of pressure to save up with his action colleagues and also stay in the balapan for roles. If various other players acquire plastic surgery, it might be challenging to decision whether or not to join. If you raise your land, friend may end up losing due to the fact that you do not have actually the ideal thing for the role, also if it stays natural.
Plastic surgery among young orang in Korea is typical not bat given as a graduation gift in young plastic eyelash surgery.
Many young setiap orang like come see dari mereka TV stars, dari mereka way of looking and also looking particularly for a more attractive version. As soon as TV stars look older and less attractive come her and also are friends, lock are far from being noticed on TV. That has actually a most pressure on the actors, such as Lee Jong Suk come look young and also cool, for this reason the audience desires to check out again and again.
As the survey we saw, it became clear females expect guys to have actually plastic surgical treatment to be more competitive and also safer. There is a press on men to adapt to the way women watch them.
Lee Jong Suk"s finest friend; Kim Woo bin was stated to have had actually plastic surgery, and also we understand that the two males are close, v Jong Suk, showing that he will certainly go through his concerns in Woo Bin. Once two rakyat are therefore close, the is typical for lock to believe that miscellaneous is fine, specifically if the other rakyat did. Therefore if one of them had the procedure done, kemudian it would certainly not be surprising if the other looked in ~ the result and chose to copy it.
The factor we think that since the leg (long bit) looks lot thinner 보다 before. The tip, which was once more bulbous and also wide, has actually now become a sharp aspect.

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It is our opinion that you can not acquire through puberty or weight loss that seem. But his sleep looks good, so we need to in any kind of case congratulate Lee Jong Suk and his plastic surgeon, as he did a good job.