Nonton & Download ns Hear Your suara (2013) episode 2 Drama Korea caption Indonesia di Website streaming drakor ns Hear Your suara (2013) subindo terbaru update setiap hari. No really, there aren"t enough words to describe how remarkable I hear Your suara has become. Every little thing is appropriate to the story. Back story drama the seems like a garbage of time to end dramatize the show, or membuat weak connections for the characters, in dramas it seems ~ like kemudian a tired waste. I have the right to Hear Your suara is a 2013 southern Korean television series certification Lee Bo-young, Lee Jong-suk, and Yoon Sang-hyun. That aired top top SBS indigenous June 5 to respectable 1, 2013, top top Wednesdays and also Thursdays in ~ 21:55 for 18 episodes. Nonton streaming atau download i Hear her Voice full episode mencapai subtitle Indonesia dan Inggris di VIU. Hai, selamat datang di Viu! Jangan lupa daftarkan.

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For Whom room You Living?

: 9.5/10 indigenous 151 users
Season: 1
A api in the chicken restaurant is stated to be the reason of Jang Hye Sung"s mother"s death, through Min Joon Kook together the mageri one suspect. Cha Kwan Woo"s loyalty and ethics are challenged when he is assigned to be Min Joon Kook"s lawyer.
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Anyone rather in love through this drama"s soundtrack?by Arihant D30
I hear Your suara Episode 5by Kim Tieu Minh1397

Um, no words!

No really, over there aren"t enough words to define how exceptional I listen Your suara has become. Every little thing is appropriate to the story. Kembali story drama that seems prefer a rubbish of time to end dramatize the show, or membuat weak connections for the characters, in dramas it seems to be ~ like seperti a tired waste. However, the writers here prove just how to usage it to make the personalities personalities and also to actually create a solid bond between characters. Most importantly no everyone is linked to everyone. IHYV has hit it"s full stride and also it is a thing of beauty.

Lawyer Cha relocate aside, Soo Ha gunna acquire her

ns really hate and also dislike Lawyer Cha. That is very weak and also fickle and shouldn"t end up through Hye Sung. Sendiri I disliked his personality from the beginning and also this makes me hate him even more. The kiss between Soo Ha and Hye Sung add me surprised, and damn what a kiss! hope in the end Soo Ha end up through her and also not Lawyer Cha aka Lawyer Shit.

While we know maafkan saya Soo Ha is clearly planning, there a loads of maafkan saya ifs increase in the air. And considering that there are just 10 an ext episodes left my mind is spinning through the possibilities. My nerves are completely frazzled and burnt! The emotions evoked in this episode . . . Again no words. The acting, writing, and also everything around this collection is denote so well here. Another golden episode from what has come hands down one of my favourite dramas. (And I generally don"t spout stuff prefer that until I"ve perfect a series.) sorry to save it vague, yet I don"t want to damage anything.

really ..?

Perjury? Really? Was the really necessary. Although I probably want Joon Gook dead an ext than everyone else, ns was versus this move. I think one must fight fair and also square. Park Soo Ha, where space you gooing? maafkan saya do think you"re doing? oh oh, this whole situation kekuasaan me anxious ..

Perfection. Park Soo Ha is perfection!

i absolutely loved this episode. Lawyer Jangs mommy was hanya absolutely heroic in mine eyes. She died like a woman with tons of courage. I absolutely love park Soo Ha in this episode...except for one thing.... Many orang will disagree with me, but I felt prefer the kiss at the end actually destroyed things. Ns was hoping that he"d hanya walk far cool, willing to sacrifice his own happiness for her, however instead the wavered, turned back and kissed her. I was hoping an ext for the cool, tragic hero. That"s literally why I gave this ilustrasi a 9.5 instead of a 10. As whole though, love THIS EPISODE!

That revelation in ~ the ending

to be it due to the fact that going come the aquarium with Soo Ha to be a front commitment or bisa it be the it means something an ext to her? Well, everything it bisa be, it nearly wiped out the combined feelings ns had around the trial. It was fairly short, and the arguments dulu rather simplistic. Ns kinda hoped it far better than harabuji"s...

soooo manly!!

~kyaaaaaa!!soo ha is soooo manly even at his young age!!


Aww, her mother DID die. The was horrible and sooo sad. And also Lawyer Cha really made me mad in this episode. Everytime I experienced him there to be this anger. Of food he doesn"t know the whole story, yet why don"t they hanya tell him?? Argh..

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Download Drama ns Hear Your suara Sub Indo

And i still hope Soo Ha won"t end up with Hye Seung. I think the possibilities are high that they won"t. Ns mean, she quiet sees him as an 8-year-old in she mind sometimes. That"s no really a good romantic foundation. :/

Wow Great ilustrasi

Ep 8 to be so sad but an excellent i feel bad for lawyer cha hes make the efforts to perform the right thing. Ns love the partnership of therefore Ha & Hye Sung.

so numerous emotions...

ns think I tidak pernah hated one personality so much like Min Joon Gook. And I was kinda angry through Lawyer Cha... Why would certainly he do that come de woman he likes? I understand he is only behaving choose that, since he desires to it is in a good lawyer, yet it"s nice annoying! but I"m enjoying so most the relationship between Hye Sung and Soo Ha. I really harapan they can be bersama in the end.


This ilustrasi was therefore sad. They show the scene wherein the mother was talk to Hye Sung and I hanya cry. I mengharapkan the Min Gook man go rot in hell. Sooha is leaving, however where is going? I hope he come back. Hopefully he is no doing miscellaneous stupid. Stupid Lawyer Cha move aside and let Soo Ha ambil care of Hye sung. The kiss was so how amazing though, ns can"t wait until lanjut week.

Drama Korea Streaming below Indo

I can"t believe it...

i can"t believe he killed her mom, he"s seriously acquiring worse and worse... It to be horrible. And lowyer Cha defending him?!? Wea? space you stupid? thanks god Soo Ha is here, together cool together ever. The finishing was amazing, the was hanya perfect... Can"t wait for bext week!!

Soo Ha is a man!

He yes, really is ! that did no run away once she to be crying, the did no go away as soon as she screamed at him. He was there when she to be painful and difficult. He"s real! I"m envy her now,I reeally am!:)

Lawyer Cha relocate aside, Soo Ha gunna gain her

i really hate and also dislike Lawyer Cha. The is very weak and also fickle and shouldn"t end up v Hye Sung. Sendiri I disliked his personality from the beginning and this makes me dislike him also more. The kiss in between Soo Ha and Hye Sung include me surprised, and damn maafkan saya a kiss! hope in the end Soo Ha ends up v her and not Lawyer Cha aka Lawyer Shit.

i hear your voice ep 8

yes i witnessed the episode today , and i didn"t suppose for all of this to take place ,and specially the kiss Soo Ha serious he"s the man ,i actually want her to finish up with him , donno why i have a emotion that Soo Ha will certainly kill this bulan gook or everything his surname is .i surly don"t want him to carry out it and end up in jail or smthn ,every thing about this drama i love the actors are crazy , i do not know wait for the lanjut episode

Falling Deeper!!

ns m soooo in love v the drama, i can"t tell! Lawyer Jang was a little melodramatic, missed her witty next a lot. And also really hated Lawyer Cha for defending Min Joon Gook. They both should be sentenced!!Anyways, the KISS confirmed just who is the lead here. Soo Ha must acquire the girl at all costs. Wait for lanjut ep..:D


Ahhh~~My heart ached so much at the end... Negative Soo Ha... Mengharapkan he it s okay the girl^.^This Min Joon Kook is hanya getting worse every ep, currently I really desire Soo Ha to kill him... Just one anak-anak to him: If you"re really gonna kill him, perform it right, I mean like "supernatural" style, shoot him v the heart through a silver bullet, then chop his head off, to water salt all over and also burn him come ashes, since I"m pretty sure that guy and his evilness have the right to survive a knife in the organs ¬¬

I think i passed away at the final

Okay, i knew this was 2012 and if m thoughts space corrects like virtually always, she"s walking to end up through Soo Ha due to the fact that i to speak it and if she"s at an initial with lawyer Cha obviously that isn"t going to last, well the kiss!!!! i cried in ~ the last a tiny TT^TT and when she said Soo Ha is always first, can"t save on computer feels....i need next week NOW!!

Download Drama below Indo

Download Drama i Hear Your suara Sub Indo

Who claims he is a small boy?

apa an finishing KISS!!! Soo Ha has actually guts, got her choose a man. I am crying reason I don"t want to wait until lanjut week. Park Soo Ha and also Jang Hye Sung have amazing chemistry, love these two. Lawyer Cha Kwan Woo is hanya annoying, he needs to gain lost. Wednesday please HURRY!!!