Dear Kdrama gods, I thank you for the wonderful gift that was this drama. Together it comes to an end, i feel a mix the emotions native elation to despair. Kemudian a beautiful ending however I"m so sad to see it go. Ns laughed, ns cried, I had actually butterflies dancing a jig. It was pretty lot as near perfect as a drama, and drama ending, deserve to get.

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3 YearsWe start out our ilustrasi by marking the 3rd anniversary of soon Ae"s death. She"s prepare to ascend Heavenward and also is saying her goodbyes. Her father is preparing she offering as soon as he gets a phone panggilan to come dibawah to the police station. At the station, the learns the truth of maafkan saya happened come his daughter those three years ago, the she to be murdered and didn"t actually commit suicide. Together he thinks about how the had presented so lot kindness come his daughter"s murderer, feeding him and everything, the ache overwhelms him and also he collapses. Appears that someone v his condition doesn"t handle stress well and also his life is in danger.


Dad"s Near death Experience
Soon Ae has actually come by her father"s shop, assuming the she"s there to to speak goodbye since that"s kind of apa she"s been doing, to discover that he"s collapsed and at the hospital. Now, sort of in ~ this point, i was reasoning that they might well kill him turn off so that daughter and father mungkin be reunited. Well, ns was sort of right. He does die, as shortly Ae is through his next crying and also screaming for she father to live. He"s walking in the direction of the light when Soon Ae runs as much as him and also stops him, begging that to rotate around and also live. She assures that they will someday be together again for 1000 or 10000 years, but for now he needs to live and be through Kyung Mo and see his grandchildren born. Luckily, he listens and also turns around and comes to, now with quite the cerita to tell.


The last Possession
Once Dad is safely out of danger, it"s time for shortly Ae to resume she goodbyes. This time that is Bong Sun"s turn. The two sit there, thanking the other and also remarking on maafkan saya they accomplished together. Bong sunlight tells soon Ae that she requirements to say goodbye to Chef, which quickly Ae hesitates come do. She tries to usage the excuse the he can"t watch her, yet Bong Sun provides up her body one terakhir time. Shortly Ae refuses, yet Bong sun reaches out and also pulls the ghost towards her herself.
We get one last spin with our BS quickly Ae combo as she goes come say goodbye to sunlight Woo. They both thank the other and component with a handhold and also hug. Mid-hug, quickly Ae extracts herself and kemudian there were three.
The Virgin Ghost gets to Ascend
Okay, I recognize it, ns bawled prefer a baby in this part. Even now trying to write around it, mine eyes are welling up. ~ saying she farewells, a irradiate appears and our ghost goes into it. Oh my goodness, friend can"t see me right now (thank goodness), however tears are streaming down my face at this an extremely moment. Imagine maafkan saya a wreck ns was while watching it. Kemudian a bittersweet moment for a bittersweet character. Seperti a beautiful rakyat and kemudian a tragic loss of a precious life. But, she"s at peace now and life go on.
Yup, nice much apa I looked like throughout this part, except a little much more snot. It to be lovely.
Life walk On and also the Living store on Living
Things have actually returned to normal, or at least dari mereka new normal, after all the craziness that late. Bong sunlight returns to the kitchen. Everyone is jovial and senang to be kembali together again (the restaurant had been closed because that a week, what with a psycho pembunuh stealing the chef"s girlfriend and all that associated stuff and also all). Bong sunlight is given a opportunity to do a dish and it is well obtained by customers, earning she a thumbs-up from her coworkers and also Sun Woo. The two space openly dating and the kitchen is buzzing. Sun Woo gifts her with her very own chef"s knife through her initials and also a heart inscribed on it. Aww! He juga enrolls she in a cooking competition.
The job of the food preparation competition arrives and Sun Woo is infinitely more nervous than the really competitor, Bong Sun. He"s so crazy adorable i can"t stand it together he nervously flutters about, all flustered and beside himself. Turns out the he had no reason to it is in so nervous, for when the winners space announced, ours lovely Bong sun proudly takes third place!
I think these two are few of the huggiest in all of Kdramadom
Well, unbeknownst come Bong Sun, this 3rd place judul comes through a special prize - a scholarship to study abroad. Agh! Drama! Why you execute this come me?! I dislike the totality "study abroad" separation thing! ns wanna cry! an excellent thing I"m not alone - sunlight Woo is crying also at the thought of she leaving. These two! They"re for this reason darn cute! How around when he placed her couple ring necklace bagian belakang on her? Hot!
So lot hugging, snuggling and also nuzzling! The skinship is strong with these two. And also I am love every single sweet second of it all.
Time Jump
We fast maju to 2 years into the future. Things have actually changed fairly significantly. Stalker, the dog, has had actually puppies. Suhbingo, the Ghost Whisperer Ahjumma, is raking in the clients and cash and even bintang in her very own TV show. PD Lee has actually a brand-new boyfriend that is the spitting image of the one that died. Eun Hee and also her mother were sent off to the united state to seek treatment because that her problem in the wishes that part improvements mungkin be do (but it looks prefer they have dari returned). Sous chief is now Chef chef at sunlight Restaurant ~ Chef sun Woo went to open lagi place bersama with soon Ae"s brother, Kyung Mo. (Just a guess: v here, but I think he intentionally opened up his 2nd restaurant so the he could train Kyung Mo one-on-one together a spesial favor to quickly Ae. The is never said exactly, however it wouldn"t surprise me if that dulu the case and makes the paling sense as to why he would certainly leave sunlight Restaurant). Bong sunlight is still examining abroad and, despite what he goes roughly telling people, sun Woo hasn"t heard from she in months and he"s walk crazy because of it.
"Bingo Bingo Suhbingo!" I might or might not have gone roughly all job chanting that in mine head, off and on.

The Cameo
Normally, ns wouldn"t really spend lot time talking around a cameo, but this one was special. I of food speak the the much anticipated figure of one Seo In Guk as sous chef. As pointed out previously, the former sous chef, what Min Soo, is now the executive chef at sun Restaurant, therefore a new sous is needed. Get in SIG. And enter the did! He hanya strolls in and also I oath you mungkin hear the fangirls roughly the world scream in delight. Oh wait, maybe that to be me ns heard squealing. I had actually been for this reason wrapped increase in the cerita that I had forgotten about his cameo, for this reason it to be an extra interesting moment for me. And also oh mine goodness! We menjadi not disappointed! The character that he played was so horribly awesome! i loved it!!!! He to be a cocky bastard that paraded roughly like a world-class cross in between a Cassanova and a total douche. One of those guys that you love to hate and hate come love. He to be like another Huh Min Soo strutting about and berlari his mouth. The even controlled to untuk mengambil Min Soo down a few notches and also went together far regarding order the around! for sure hilarious performance of the really best kind. I offer him one A++. An excellent gravy, but I love that boy!
I love the poster on the wall. Humble lot there cook Huh?
Burn! five yeah, this is walk to it is in fun!

"We aren"t going to do one of those awkward introductions where we say "take treatment of me" and also all that, room we? This isn"t 1988." ahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
The man deserve to cook, and looks mighty fine doing it!
Oh no he didn"t! Comes into the kitchen and starts bespeak the head chief around? taking him down a peg or two, fine, but this is advertise it. Love it! very sewing Joon is there to knock the brand-new guy down a little, which Sous SIG in reality responds fine to. Loved when Joon wouldn"t tell new guy his name. Lol! Guess that actually has the power approximately that place? It would seem together if our little cordon Joon is a bit of a man of vitality himself. Rawr!

P.S. Joon in glasses?! correctly please! ns mean, i still choose him there is no them (and without his shirt for the matter...oh remember those days??), however he"s produksi them work.
WTF...udge Ripple ice cream Cream?
So things were going method too fine in this episode. I was method too senang with just how it was all transforming out, even with the belajar abroad and 2 tahun leap maju in time (two tropes the don"t selalu make me the happiest ahjumma on the block) and also all. All of our forward momentum concerned a screeching halt v this lanjut part and also I was left shaking mine head in dumbfoundedness. Uh, yeah. Guess that didn"t die?
UGH!!! Why go they save him alive?! ns was so annoyed once I experienced him sit there. Sure, fine, the evil soul is unable to do (we assume), yet really?! Him?! Still?! His setia wife is payment him a visit. She awkwardly drags her lifeless legs along as she brings flower to the guy that ambil those legs from her and kemudian killed some people and tried to kill another, namely, she brother"s girlfriend. Oh, and it gets even better. Assumption: v who has actually no memories? UGH! Amnesia?! Seriously?! terakhir episode and they drop amnesia ~ above me? I hate amnesia. Hate it! Now, that is unclear even if it is this amnesia be from the fall and the bleeding, damaged head (now artfully extended in a hospital beanie) or from the sebenarnya that through all those times he to be possessed by an evil spirit and therefore can"t psychic anything. Us don"t obtain that answered. We juga don"t know precisely where that is or exactly how long he"s to be there or anything, just that his wife frequently visits him and also he has no memory of her or anda life together.
Ha! not me. I chosen you much better when I komandan you dulu dead. You were my favourite then.
Do you view me rolling mine eyes appropriate now? since rolling castle are. Roll so lot I"m acquiring dizzy. Time to prevent talking about it - I"m just getting an ext worked up. Suffice to say, ns wish that he had hanya died and that castle didn"t bother with this defy-death business. Oh well. Obnoxious yes, however not a game enderûn for me. Luckily, this one was good enough to stand up to the one minute of man in one otherwise nice spot-free finale.Missing Her
This step with sunlight Woo sitting around pining because that Bong sun was epos in the cuteness. It"s to be months sejak he has actually heard native her and also he"s not taking care of it also well. No grandfather Cool calm and dikumpulkan here. Give thanks to goodness.
Guess Who"s Baa-ack?!
Well, well, well...lookie that comes strolling kembali into kota after two long years. Fresh from her research studies abroad, Bong sun walks into the restaurant. She visits through her previous kitchen mates and then goes to pay soon Ae"s father a visit, pendaratan a part-time task working over there in the process. The last person she bumps into is sunlight Woo. They speak shop because that a bit (ie that puts her skills to the test and has her try a dish and also evaluate it) and kemudian he wants to understand why she didn"t call him. The reason? because she knew if she talked to him the she would come running home. Aww! therefore sweet! This appeases him and also thrills him. The hugs her, lifts she up and kemudian she kisses him. Again and again. These two are providing me a toothache with all anda sweetness! apa a happy, wonderful reunion!
The 2 lovers are sitting around on the rooftop prefer old times when Bong sunlight suddenly starts to get frisky. Sunlight Woo panics because that a minute thinking that soon Ae is back, yet she assures him the it is every her. YES! that squirms and wriggles away choose the old days, accusing she of picking up dirty behavior in eropa and pulls she off of him and stands up as if to run away. Except, this time, this time he doesn"t run. Nope. This time the playfully picks she up and declares, through the paling adorable, devilish small grin ~ above the entire freaking planet, that now is "D-Day" and takes her inside. We gain audio of anda activities right up until the lights go off. Oh my! Fanning myself here! ns love D-Day!
We end the episode with our pair riding bikes through the park and a voice-over talking around how, due to the fact that of soon Ae, castle learned exactly how to love. Bong sun learned to love herself and continues to do so as she tambahan continues come love him. Everyone is life so happily and also the world is brighter, all because of one spesial young ghost.
: Really, i can"t say enough an excellent things about this one. It is one that i wish I could get every my non-Kdrama friends and family come watch. Ns can"t speak that around all the them, even the ones ns myself love. You recognize the persons - the ones that are hanya absolutely wonderful but a bit much for the uninitiated. However not this one. This one falls into the short category of dramas I would recommend for a newbie. Light without being as well silly, emotional without being all over near hefty makjang, and also with a dash of mischievous to lug it every together. And this OTP! Oh. My. Goodness. This OTP. Ns don"t know what it is around them, yet they are way up there in my list of all-time favourite OTPs. We"re talking height tier here, and it isn"t straightforward to obtain top tier. Ns adored - ADORED - our awkwadorable chef through his cocky perspective covering up his really insecure side. Ns loved watching him be befuddled and thrown because that a loop through both the amorous ghost and also the church computer mouse girl. Jo Jeong Seok to be absolutely, perfectly amazing in his an initial drama lead role. The is for certain leading male material. Ns figured he would certainly be, yet I"m even an ext impressed 보다 I meant to be. We can definitely look forward to more an excellent performances from him in the future. Park Bo Young did superb job of playing two different people. I am very impressed by her performance. Kim Seul Gi was extremely amazing as our ghost. The whole cast hanya was fabulous, the composing solid, the pace just right.... Hanya everything - everything around this drama to be spot-on. Funny and also heartwarming v touches of suspense and also intrigue. A actual winner!I harapan that you enjoyed this journey along with me. Many thanks for reading and membagikan in the fun! Until next time, might all your dramas be entertaining.Back hugs and also fish kisses to you all,Dongsaeng
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