Pondok indah Mall or PIM street Gallery is the mall’s latest extension that homes a number of restaurants, coffee shops, and also bakery. Therefore where are the must shot restaurants in PIM jalan ? We’ve compiled a list of the exciting places in jalan Gallery for you come try:

1. Barley and Hops


Barley and Hops is a an excellent spot to acquire international beers selections from around the dunia or come grab having lunch or dinner v your family and friends. Barley and Hops is designed through a a an Irish bar in mind; evident from the use of wooden furniture and also decor.Barley & Hops’ area is divided into two areas; smoking and also non-smoking for convenient dining. A great location for good music, great atmosphere, and also succulent steaks and also grill! inspect out their Facebook page to gain updated ~ above promos and also events.

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Location: Street Gallery gibberish Indah, 1st FloorPhone:(021) 25529722Hours:10:00 to be – 10:00 pm

2. Byblos Bistro


Byblos offers lagi level of quality and creativity come the culinary see of jakarta City with fresh ingredients, innovative dishes and sleek vintage concept style. Featuring a rustic bar, custom-made furniture décor and wall of home windows overlooking the to buy mall crowd.

Location: street Gallery gibberish Indah, second FloorPhone: (021)2952945Opening Hours:Mon-Thurs: 10:00–00:00Fri-Sat: 10:00–02:00Sun: 10:00–00:00

3. Blacklisted


Other 보다 coffee v beans freshly roasted on site and also blended follow to the formula of a coffee expert, dunia Barista Championship judge from Australia, Saxon Wright, Blacklisted juga serves all-day breakfast item and main courses, such as egg Benedict, Blacklisted warga and pastas, along with a large array that cakes and pastries.

Location: street Gallery hütte Indah, second Floor

4. Hacienda


For a more upscale untuk mengambil on mexico dining and fiesta, Hacienda would certainly be your ideal bet. The mindful use the distressed brick face, application of contrasting however complementing colors, and also the heavy old antique door in ~ the save front cermin the elegant Spanish layout of the establishment. In the kitchen, cook Gerardo Milan whips up standard his signatures seperti as the chili Relleno, Enchiladas de Mole, Chuletas de Puerco, and other standard Mexican cuisines, finest to be took pleasure in with a bottle of dingin beer. Hacienda is juga renowned for its choice of refreshing and also tasty signature Mexican motivated drinks such as the Galliano Margarita, Amorcito Corazon, and Michelada.

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Location: Street Gallery pondok Indah, first FloorOpen Daily:11.00 am – 1.00 AMHappy Hours: 3.00 afternoon – 7.00 PM and 11.00 afternoon – closed

5. Morning kemuliaan Coffee


A cute coffee shop the originated native Bandung and specializes in offer artisan coffee, Morning glory Coffee literally buatlah their very own from awal to finish; native growing, roasting come brewing. Juga serves crowd’s key courses, pastries, and also snacks.