Rosie Huntington-Whiteley revealed top top Instagram Thursday that she is pregnant, expecting her second baby with her movie-star fiancé Jason Statham. The pair already posting ulang 4-year-old son Jack Oscar.

"Taaa daahhh no 👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻 #round2," the model, 34, composed on Instagram, membagikan a series of mirror selfies that proved off numerous outfits and also her infant bump.

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Statham, 54, and Huntington-Whiteley revealed they dulu engaged in ~ the 2016 golden Globes, as soon as the version showed off her Neil lane ring as she to walk arm-in-arm through Statham top top the red carpet. The pair had been together for about nine years total by that time.

Their infant boy jack was born June 24, 2017. Kapan they rarely posting ulang photos of dari mereka private life together a family, the Mad Max: rage Road actress post a tribute to Statham ~ above Father's day in June, writing, "How to define a love favor this?! happy Fathers work

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The soon-to-be mom of two told rakyat in November 2019, "I think 's the cutest thing in the world, and I want to scream the from the rooftops. Motherhood is just a wonderful journey of countless ups and also downs … every day over there is a new set of challenges and also a new set the triumphs."

"At the love of everything is my family and untuk membuat sure the they're okay and also that they have whatever they need and also that I'm committed as a parent in every means possible," she described at the time.

During one Instagram Q&A in April 2020, the design shared the they dulu "attempting potty training" with jack and "would love to" add more kids to milik mereka family someday.

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She offered insight into dari mereka life at house isolating during the pandemic terakhir year during an interview for her site mawar Inc., speak at the time, "I'm functioning from home and feel fortunate to have the ability to do so darimana I realize many aren't maybe to occupational remotely or have lost their jobs. It's heartbreaking and also my love goes out to everyone impacted in these ways."

When no working, "I spend my time make the efforts to ilustrasi out just how to game a 2-year-old indoors, i m sorry is a real challenge, I have to say," added the star, joking, "I'm also cooking a lot of more, which may or might not be a good thing for itu who need to eat it!"

"I think the time will come. We've been so concentrated on our job-related for lengthy and jack came along, we certainly talk around it. We're looking maju to the time," she claimed at the time. "It's tambahan not a huge priority because that us. We're for this reason happy."

"I think it will certainly be fun to do it as soon as the baby's grown up a bit and he can be associated in the wedding," Huntington-Whiteley added.

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