Lee Kwang Soo will certainly quit the display "Running Man" on may 24, after gift a part of it for 11 years. Who will replace him?

Actor Lee Kwang Soo will not it is in a part of the popular show Running Man after might 24. The has chose to stop the display after 11 year due to kesehatan issues. Yet the producers have not revealed the confront that will change Lee Kwang Soo. For this reason two surname are produksi rounds and netizens think, one of two people Kang Han Na or Kim Ji Seok will join the actors of Running Man.

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According to netizens, an initial contender who will shot to change Lee Kwang Soo will certainly be Kim Ji Seok the When The Camellia Blooms fame. My Unfamiliar Family and Doom At your Service dulu his recent dramas. Kim Ji Seok has actually proved his capability in exhilaration and juga various range shows consisting of Running Man.

Kang Han Na and Kim Ji Seok are stated to be contenders for the spot gift vacated by Lee Kwang Soo on running Man.Instagram
Kim Ji Seok has actually been a guest in episodes 446 and 447 together Jeon Seo Min"s date. These episodes were loved by the audience. Earlier, Kim Ji Seok has been a part of variety shows Interview Game in 2008, Work to add Success between 2010 and 2012 and also he is the actors member that the display Hot Brain: problematic Men sejak 2015.

The 2nd contender is Kang Han Na. She is tambahan a renowned actress that is known for her power in the tv series Moon Lovers: Scarlet love Ryeo, Rain or Shine, familiar Wife and also Start-Up. Han Na is juga playing an important role in the upcoming drama My Roommate Is A Gumiho .

She has been a component of range shows consisting of In mencari of lost Time in 2019 and Shall We create Love? The Romance in 2020. Kang Ha Na remained in the Running Man display in episode 476. Reports tambahan claim that SBS funE has already started working on a Kang Han Na untuk berlari Man special.

However, SBS or the manufacturing team that Running Man is yet to notice the name of kepribadian who will change the much bellowed actors member Lee Kwang Soo.

Ha Ha Mentions BTS V and also Apologizes

In a recent episode of Running Man, actors member Ha Ha was caught off safety by his own comment. The incident arisen when comedian Shin Gyu Jin request the cast members to surname celebrities that resemble him. Cast members started naming height celebrities including Park Seo Joon and also Jung Woo Sung. It is at the time Ha Ha discussed BTS V.

The minute he took V"s name, the entire actors was shocked. They started telling Ha Ha, he was in trouble. This is probably because they dulu scared that the ARMY"s reaction. Ha Ha suddenly aku mengambilnya the chance to apologize and say the didn"t average it.

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It have the right to be provided that BTS share a an excellent bond v Running Man cast. BTS telah mengambil part in the running Man display in ilustrasi 300 . RM was watched praising Running Man actors Yoo Jae Suk for taking great care the him and the team.