Niall Horan recalled the an initial time Scott play them the song during an interview v UK radio station funding FM. "We were in Nottingham ~ above tour when we menjadi touring the UK bagian belakang in February and March," he recalled, "and we hanya came into a room one day and he to be like, "I"ve acquired this tune that I"ve tertulis and I want to bermain you." and also we hanya fell in love v it the second we heard it."
The song is much more folk-orientated than most of One Direction"s previous offerings, yet Scott told MTV news the quintet have the talent to pull it off. "It"s not that tough a point to do due to the fact that the boys have really an excellent voices, they"ve all acquired very different voices. Harry rasp is something that you can always lean towards... Every the guys have kemudian a good sound themselves," the said. "For circumstances the demo that we played the boys suara a lot more folky than it melakukan now. That"s apa amazing about their voices straight away it suara like them."
With tahun vocalists, One arah was well-suited for the large chorus in this song, i beg your pardon is the focal point. The song opens with a guitar ilustrasi that continues di bawah the first verse. Over there is a large change in intensity going indigenous the verse to the chorus, and a cymbal swell acts as a transition.

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After the very first chorus, the drumbeat proceeds through the second verse. ~ the 2nd chorus, the track breaks down with hanya acoustic guitar and also vocal ("And I"ll be wait for this time..."), i m sorry serves as the bridge. After the 3rd chorus, the tune resolves with the music comes out, leave the terakhir line - the judul of the song - bare.
This is the only track ~ above Midnight Memories
to it is in co-written by all tahun One Directioners, but all yet two songs on the album bear the name of at least a single pita member in the credits.
Jamie Scott told UK newspaper The Guardian in 2016 this is the song he is paling proud of writing. He explained the reason was, "Because we readjusted the video game for them. In the history of every boybands, they are usually on the way down . Through that song I feel like we mengangkat them to lagi level."

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Andrea M indigenous Greenville, southern Carolina Usa This song is calming and also exited. Hanna indigenous KansasThis track is amazing.Prem dimodernkan from Chennai, IndiaI love this song.see much more comments
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