Watch an Arsenal vs Crystal palace live stream as patrick Vieira returns to utara London


Arsenal vs Crystal palace live stream, Monday 18 October, 8pm BST

There will be two former Arsenal captains ~ above the Emirates stadion touchline ~ above Monday, as patrick Vieira ambil his Crystal royal residence side to utara London.

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Vieira had left Arsenal by the time the club relocated to the Emirates in 2006, yet it will still feel as if that is return home. The Frenchman is guarantee to get a warm reception indigenous the home fans, who will use this together an chance to celebrate Vieira’s substantial contributions to the most successful ketentuan in the club’s history. When the whistle blows, though, it will certainly be turun to organization for both the Arsenal fans and the Crystal palace boss.

Mikel Arteta recently saya menang the premier League’s Manager that the Month award for September, having actually guided his team to 3 consecutive wins. That run was finished by a 0-0 draw with Brighton before the global break.

Arsenal were disappointing in ~ the Amex Stadium, spending much of the complement on the back foot as Brighton dictated proceedings. Arteta will have been pleased by his team’s protective solidity, but Arsenal will need to enhance going depan if they room to certain a top-six complete this term.

Indeed, placing the bola in the back of the net has been a difficulty up to now. Arsenal have actually scored only lima goals in their opening 7 games. That is the joint-second worst tally in the division, with last-placed Norwich the just side come have found the kembali of the net much less often. It is an issue of creation and conversion, v the Gunners still lacking guile and also invention in the final third.

Palace will certainly look to do life complicated for Arsenal on Monday by setting up in a well-organised protective shape. Vieira encourages his football player to press up the key and bermain on the former foot where possible, however we could see the counter-attacking next to Palace’s game come to the fore here. Wilfried Zaha will be an essential in that regard, ketika Michael Olise bisa get the nod ahead of Jordan Ayew on the right.

Kick-off is at 8pm BST on Monday 18 October, and also UK viewers can watch it on Sky Sports key Event, skies Sports premier League and Sky sporting activities Ultra HD. See below for global broadcast options.

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