Add an e-Money card, such as a nanaco or WAON card, come the Wallet app on your iPhone or Watch. Kemudian make purchases and earn and use price points through that card melihat Pay.

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To use an e-Money card with Pay, you need1:

Your maker region set to Japan.

If you want to mengalihkan your physical e-Money map to the Wallet app, contact your card issuer to find out if her e-Money map is compatible with Pay2.

To add a new e-Money map or height up her e-Money card penampilan Pay, you need an standard payment card in the Wallet app3.

Open her Wallet.iPhone: open the Wallet Watch: open up the to apologize Watch app on your iPhone > madness Wallet & apologize PayTo include a card:iPhone: In the Wallet app, madness the add Watch: In Wallet & Pay, tap add Card.Tap e-Money.Tap the card the you desire to add.Tap Continue.Choose the type of card the you desire to add:To create a brand-new card, choose an amount of money the you desire to add4.To transfer your physical card, tap ayunkan Existing Card and also enter the forced information.Follow the procedures on the screen:For a new card, pick a payment card and confirm her purchase.For a physical card, place your e-Money card on a flat surface and also rest the height of your iPhone ~ above the card till you see Card included on the screen. This process could ambil a few minutes to complete.

Now, you canmake purchases penampilan Paywith her e-Money card wherever your e-Money map is accepted.

After you menangkal your physical card to the Wallet app on her device, the physical map won"t work. If friend can"t ayunkan your physical card to your device, contact the card issuer.

Learn exactly how toremove your e-Money map from apologize Wallet.

You have the right to have one e-Money card in the Wallet app on only one device at a time. However you deserve to move her e-Money card in between devices, kemudian as from your iPhone to her watch or come a new iPhone.

On her iPhone, open the watch app.In the My watch tab, insanity Wallet & to apologize Pay.Tap the include button next to the e-Money card that you want to move.To relocate the map back, madness the card the you want to move and also tap add to iPhone.
On your current iPhone, open up the Wallet app.Tap your e-Money card.Tap the an ext button
.Scroll dibawah and tap remove this Card. Tap eliminate to confirm.On your brand-new iPhone, open the Wallet app and also tap the add button .Tap vault Cards and also choose your e-Money card.Follow the steps on the display to include your e-Money card to the brand-new iPhone.

Open the Wallet app.Tap her e-Money map to see the card balance.

You can juga check your card balance at Sign in with your to apologize ID and select the machine on i m sorry you use your e-Money card.

Learn how to include money to your e-Money card.

You have the right to use the find My app or to mark your maker as lost, defend your data, and make Payinactiveon your device.

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You should be 13 or older to usage pay in Japan.Standard nanaco cards and also Standard and Grand Generation WAON cards space compatible. Other nanaco or WAON cards can"t be included to the Wallet app.To include a brand-new WAON map or include money come an present nanaco or WAON map in the Wallet app, a Mastercard, JCB, or one American express payment card the you use through salary is required.You can"t create new nanaco cards in the Wallet app. You deserve to move a physics nanaco card to the Wallet app.