The british rock band Coldplay has actually put out some of the greatest lagu-lagu of this century sebagai as “Fix You,” “Yellow,” “Paradise,” “The Scientist,” “A Sky sepenuhnya of Stars,” and the perform goes on. Another highly acclaimed entry right into this list would certainly be “Viva La Vida” from anda fourth studio album native 2008. The song incorporates a revolutionary template with a sprinkle that religion.“Viva La Vida” was released together the second single turn off of Coldplay’s 4th studio album ‘Viva la Vida or Death and also All His Friends’ in 2008. The song was written by all four members of Coldplay and also released ~ above June 13, 2008. The tune was an instant kesuksesan both critically and commercially.

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The song reached #1 top top Billboard warm 100, UK Singles Chart, and also in the Netherlands, and Poland. The solitary has marketed over 10 million copies worldwide to date, with almost 7 juta from the USA, and also 2 juta from the UK. These stats make “Viva La Vida” the 25th best-selling digital single of all time.However, the greatest honor “Viva La Vida” has received is being nominated because that ‘Record that the Year,’ ‘Song that the Year,’ and also ‘Best Pop power by a Duo or a Group’ in ~ the 2009 Grammy Awards. The song dimenangkannya the latter two nominations.

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“Viva La Vida” Lyrics meaning and song Review

Overall, “Viva La Vida” is presented together a song of revolutions. Coldplay’s guitarist male Berryman explained the idea behind the song;It’s a cerita about a king who’s lost his kingdom, and all the album’s artwork is based on the idea the revolutionaries and also guerrillas. There’s this contempt anti-authoritarian philosophy that’s crept right into some that the lyrics and also it’s few of the pay-off in between being surrounding by federal governments on one side, but juga we’re manusia beings through emotions and also we’re all going come die and the stupidity of maafkan saya we have to put up through every day. Therefore the album title.The song title “Viva La Vida” in Spanish equates to english as ‘long live life’ and also is a tribute to the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s last painting sebelum her death.

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