Afif Muamar, am (2019)Wanita Karir dalam Perspektif Psikologis dan Sosiologis keluarga Serta bertindak Islam. Equalita: Jurnal Studi gender dan Anak, 1 (1). ISSN e-ISSN : 2775-6327

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The trouble of career women melakukan not only isu the normative facets of islamic teachings, but their existence also touches ~ above the psychological and sociological elements of the family. Therefore, this belajar has 3 objectives, namely first, to find out the psychological kerusakan of career ladies in marriage and family. Secondly, knowing islamic law about the tasks of career women in the publik domain. And also third, discovering the reasons for enabling women to relocate in public areas. Lihat the an approach of library research, this untuk mempelajari concludes that, first, psychologically, the existence of a career woman have the right to influence the marital and also family arrangements, i m sorry if not effectively regulated is not difficult that will result in disharmony between marriage and also family. Secondly, in Islam, no one has the best to forbid ladies to work exterior the home, even though milik mereka husbands. This is regarded the islam doctrine itself which tidak pernah distinguishes between men and also women in kapak of gender. Third, the concept of a job woman melakukan not average a wife/mother is free to job-related abandoning the fate of she marriage and also family

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Wanita Karir, Psikologis Keluarga, Sosiologis familial dan hukum Islam.
Filsafat, Psikologi, agama > Psikologi
Fakultas Syariah dan Ekonomi Islam > bertindak Keluarga Islam (Al-Ahwal Al-Syahsyiyyah)
H. Tohirin S.Ag
27 may 2021 03:11
27 may 2021 03:11

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