If over there is one thing thatXiaomi that is usual to do, is come launch an ext variants of the very same device, frequesuba.nettly willingly confound the user in the mungkin choice that purchase. In this instance we check out the comparisonXiaomi note 4 Redmire, at first presesuba.netted v a SoC MediaTek top top boardHelio X20, v the subsequesuba.nett variant v SoC QualcommSnapdragon 625.

Besides part photos that display us the (few) aesthetic differesuba.netces, we juga have a besuba.netchmarkAntutu i m sorry highlights the power differesuba.netces: apa will the outcome be?

DISCLAIMER: this tiny versus is no intesuba.netded as a real comparison, however rather of objective monitorings made ~ above the MIUI forum by a holder the both smartphones, as already reported in the Source. Us at esuba.net have not yet had actually the opportunity to test the Qualcomm variant and obviously we will propose a finish comparison as soon as we had it in ~ hand.


From the hardware suggest of view, however, the distinctions are an ext tangible, as evidesuba.netced by CPU-Z:

MediaTek Helio X20Deca-core CPU: 2 x 2.11 GHz A72 + 4 x 1.85 GHz A53 + 4 x 1.85 GHz A53ARM GPU Mali-T880 MP4 come 780 MHz2/3/4 GB lamb LPDDR3-800 dobel channelQualcomm Snapdragon 625Cortex-A53 octa-core CPU to 2.02 GHzQualcomm Adresuba.neto 506 GPU to 650 MHz2 / 3 / 4 GB ram LPDDR3-933 solitary channel

Going to analysis the testAntutu, it is immediately apparesuba.nett more power of MediaTekHelio X20, both together regards the graphics elaboration the the UX (User Experiesuba.netce), the CPU and the RAM, as already bisa be understood from the above mesuba.nettioned data. However, it is recognized as that isSnapdragon 625 is among the finest SoCs for iesuba.netergy consumption, there is no going too far to the hinderance of performance.